Monday, August 23, 2010

HAIRSTORY: Fiona gets a lot of head?

Hermie Island Style Report 2: 

I have created a photographic timeline to document the many wonderful hairstyles of our dear friend Fiona Duncan. (She's the little one). In her 23 years on planet earth Fiona has managed to sport and elegantly pull off short and long, straight and wavy, solid and streaked, banged and shaved!
She's like Madonna, but prettier.

Happy Hardcore: The pink pixie cut (Age 12)

The In Crowd: Long and blonde

This is her grad picture... I think it was a red-ish brown

Magic!  Only weeks later, Fiona at prom, she has now gone short and blonde

1rst year Uni- Red and banged

Nothing compares 2 u- Fiona shaves her head.

Fuzzy, people loved to touch it

Hahhaha! The only bad hair she ever had! eee- yikes.

Fiona's Dyke-y days


This looks grey... but I dont think it was.

Red again! She plays the part of ginger well.

Fiona today, her first ponytail in almost 4 years.


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