Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Hermie Tree, how long will you survive in our home?

thank you bobby, for scaring the poop out of me and giving us 20 extra dollars. you are home, and oh how we love you. This winter is shaping up quite well!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

!!! COME !!!

****Christmas. Not Chistmas.  

And bring your favorite people. Hermies unite!


Home made snowflakes
chips (maybe)
A Christmas Carol reading
& 6 am snowball fight

*** Please bring a non- perishable food item for us to donate!!! If you CAN

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Drawings by Fiona Duncan. Future Hermmate.

Technically we're elves. Here is why: Elves were a very mysterious race from the beginning of time. Later they became supernatural beings, mainly shaped as humans. They were worshipped in trees, mountains and waterfalls. Elves vary in size from 4'10" and 5'8". However, according to their delicate bodies they seem much taller than they really are. Often male and female elves are hard to discern, at first glance. Both sexes usually have big, expressive eyes (in the most splendid colors). They wear their hair uncut and open, have graceful, fragile features and are of extraordinary beauty. Male elves also don't have any beard growth. Very typical for elves are their pointed ears, and high cheekbones. In modern descriptions, elves are either light or dark, the light elves having starlike eyes, faces brighter than the sun, and golden-colored hair; the dark elves are pitch black and have sometimes fluorescent eyes, this quality being indicative of their dealing with black magic. Both are attractive, in appearance at least. Elves prefer greens and greenish-greys while dark elves prefer blacks, dark grey, and sometimes silver.

Fiona said that this is a drawing of what she thinks the island will be like. ^

Representational Theories: Facadism

These fa├žades look like a boy I used to know. A young Dionysus he was. Fleeting and ephemeral. A gorgeous front made of flesh and aura. Symmetrical, broad, and poised. His words like honey have long been scrubbed from my body. He is "unimpeachably" what many would call an ass, but I prefer 'curtain-wall!'