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Lady Porn

Yes Please.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Captain Karl Stanley has spent over two-thirds of his life pursuing his desire to explore the planet's "final frontier." He has designed and built two deep-diving submersibles which he has piloted in three different countries on more than 1000 dives, with missions ranging from just a few hours up to seventeen hours. At the age of 24, he began taking people on expeditions down the Cayman Trenches, Roatan.

We think Karl is amazing and incredibly well-versed in the world of extreme living. His life, through photos, expose just how amazing life on the island with a submarine can be. Thank you Karl for allowing us to use your photos. If anyone should be interested here is his link: 

Furthermore, Karl has been apart of many of dives for National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and is apart of the Deep Submersible Pilots Association and the ACLU. Karl is a hermie hero, a handsome adventurer and an amazing person to get in contact with next time you head to the Bay Islands of Honduras. Spend all your money on global exploration and reef conservation.

Cerulean Warblers, Minimalism and/or Tinfoil and Sparkles.

We are skipping winter this year... or at least the weather thinks so. 
 Here are some things I liked from SS11. (I would recomend clicking to enlarge)

Our Only (Shared) Meal of the Day.

The Swollen Stomachs of Outremount

This marks the beginning of the Sad Face Chronicles. Poverty has struck, but WE will triumph. Food stamps really do exist.

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Tyree Monique Tate

    Hong Chun Zhang

Need Dis!

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Together we have 30 nipples

we can't decide on which wallpaper we like best, get cross-eyed and tell us what you see!

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Back when the Beatuy and the Beast tree was healthy, and life was great.

More from The Magical Door
by: Jonathan Webb 


Follow me now into a bed of soft roses.
And please take my hand...
For you will understand...
The sadness I feel,
When i see a dead rose,
to you it's not real,
in this line of prose.
One day you'll "see the light",
as I have before.
So please leave the night,
through my Magical Door.
Life is too pure,
of that I am sure.
For the shadows of children
have all come show,
that there can be no hell,
that also I know.
So take my hand,
and walk through the door.
Do not be afraid,
I'll help you find more.
My thoughts do swim,
through a bed of soft roses,
written all on a whim
and now it all closes.

Thursday, November 11, 2010



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