Friday, December 4, 2009

Dear Hermie Island, I love you

Dear Hermie Island,

School is slowly coming to a close and Tate and I are beginning to plan our trip to Paris to visit our darling Lenny Pier Ramos (.com) With Christmas just around the corner, it has occurred to me that we need to re-decorate Hermie Island. We will start with fresh paint in the hallway, new artwork that we will carelessly show in frames on the floor, and of course new furniture stolen from Colin and Fiona's place. Here is a glimpse of what we are thinking of. Oh, and before I forget, Christmas will give us plenty of time to dazzle the blog with nonsensical do-dads in celebration of the coming of CHRIST i just stubbed my toe. Oh, and the negative energy is slowly seeping out of the island... perfection is in sight.

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