Monday, October 19, 2009

Robb Jamieson: 1327-Forever

Born in 1327, Jamieson's art has developed into a tantalizing body of work that summons even the toughest MS-13 members into a spasm of cosmic delight. His work, created on 315.x24cm pieces of paper is done with ink and watercolour. It is noteworthy to mention that the ink used in this 2009 series was retrieved by Jamieson who wrestled a giant squid off the coast of Honduras. Furthermore, the aqueous solution used in the watercolours is, in fact, sloth urine. We salut Robb Jamieson's work and are extremely excited that he allowed us to post his artwork here at hermie island let alone post our own 'blurb,' about it. Go Robb Go! Ps. Robb got his forehead glued shut this weekend after dinner club but he is doing just fine.

Keys, 2009

Three Colours, 2009

Pendant, 2009

Palm Trees, 2009

Untiled, 2009

I Think You Should Stop, 2009

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