Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Diagramatic View of Hermie Island (Click to Enlarge Prostate)

For those of you who are interested in what hermie island looks like on Tuesdays, Crydays and Sunday, this is it. Note the hot magma is actually just baking soda and coloured vinegar. Also, please note that we do have furniture, a kitchen, living room, two porches, another bedroom and sixteen glasses, four dishes, two forks, a curling iron, a wardrobe, a defroster, a thermostat, three corn tortillas, lemongrass, hammocks, diapers, several books, a book club, real life dinosaurs, bath toys (lots of them), monsters, crystal figurines, egyptians, raccoons, no electricity or internet, peanut butter, ghosts, randy reneau, a real hieronymus bosch, a photograph by Daniel Haber, Bobby Shore, Jeffrey Hackett, Machu Pichu, the rose in the Beauty and the Beast movie, Clement Greenberg, two english riding hats, one fireplace, a mother's son, fiona's heart, the ghosts of christmas past, present and future, cobwebs, a salmon head, a white snapper, nine q-tips, a bbq, a human with achondroplasia, lenny's next year's collection, the Lords of the rings and yes, we've been hiding both Tu Pac and Yves Saint Laurent and the secrets to middle earth. Oh and we have diet coke and make-up, did i mention we have a curling iron?

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