Monday, January 28, 2013

What Hermie Island will be wearing to the 2013 Academy Awards

So It's that time of year again.... Winter.
But also it's award season. There is one of us who is actually doing something with their life (he is nominated for some "film-making" award, see: Bobby Shore the evolution of a Genie)...the rest can just pretend we would ever get invited to anything. This year we plan to watch the most glamorous event of the year all together... The Oscar Red Carpet Watch! We haven't seen any of the movies, so we don't care about the actual awards. Here is what we would be wearing to this very important fashion event.

Who: Monique F
What: Margiela
Why: Because she really didn't want to get out of bed, and she didn't have enough time to get ready so she just put on her bf's T- shirt gown.

Who: Roberto D'A
What: Jil Sander
Why: Because he knows he'll get sweaty from wearing a suit in LA.
Suits with baggy over sized shorts leave room to breath. VERY Comme. Also he's looking to get into a post-neon color scheme. 
 Those square toes? Perfectly adequate!

Who: Fiona D
What: Ballinciaga
Why: Because Fuck Everyone, she's wearing a crop top to the Oscars.

Who: Will O
What: Etro (Betcha didn't see that coming)
Why: Will is looking to evolve his look ever since all of his friends started ripping off his active wear signature style. Also because that pendant is dope.
Last of all- looking this much like Brad Pitt will probably get you into some SiCk after parties.

Who: Tate S
What: Celine
Why: Needed an excuse to wear those 2Die4 purple furry pumps.
Also, continues to be obsessed with "unfinished hems".
Need pocket so I don't loose my phone.

Who: Bobby S (Nominee)
What: Comme des Garcons
Why: Because Bobby would really be more comfortable if we wore a hoodie to the Oscars. (This one is a formal hoodie).
Also, he's really into camo right now... that's trendy right? ? ?

Who: Nevada Z
What: Margiela
Why: Lets face it, she is the only one who can pull off the highly popular "Oscar strapless look".  The tight lines of this dress would do justice to that divine hourglass figure of hers. 
Also, I hear A$AP RVCKY is a big fan of Maison Margiela.

Who: Lenny PR
What: Prada
Why: Because somebody needs to wear Prada.
 And somebody needs to look like a grown-up. 
 And somebody needs to wear socks with sandals. 

So who wins BEST DRESSED?

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