Monday, November 15, 2010

Back when the Beatuy and the Beast tree was healthy, and life was great.

More from The Magical Door
by: Jonathan Webb 


Follow me now into a bed of soft roses.
And please take my hand...
For you will understand...
The sadness I feel,
When i see a dead rose,
to you it's not real,
in this line of prose.
One day you'll "see the light",
as I have before.
So please leave the night,
through my Magical Door.
Life is too pure,
of that I am sure.
For the shadows of children
have all come show,
that there can be no hell,
that also I know.
So take my hand,
and walk through the door.
Do not be afraid,
I'll help you find more.
My thoughts do swim,
through a bed of soft roses,
written all on a whim
and now it all closes.

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  1. arctic cat, i can't wait until we receive hand written notes like this from our children. We better start collecting frames to put them in because lord knows our children will be weird and emo.