Monday, April 5, 2010


I've been working diligently on my essay on Food in Art/Food as Art while basking in the sun on rooftops and porches.

Fiona and Colin made me an excellent pulled pork sandwich with a homemade cabbage coleslaw, it was succulent! I made a grapefruit and orange juice and then later we had homemade ice tea.

Life at the island has been pretty awesome, full of surprise visits from Roberto, sangria, amazing weather and our dear friend Max, who has just recently passed his Captain's flight exam! We're super proud of him and also his ability to fix things in the house and eat in the sun with us.

Tate and I have been waking up quite early and being uber productive.

I wanted to write a gothic poem today, but instead I'm going to get onto the porch and write about Wim Delvoye's Cloaca machine. In the meantime, salami. Oh and before I forget, I love you.

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