Friday, January 22, 2010

The Talented and the Provocative: Here stands the opportunity to get your heart out, where it belongs.

why didn't you say hi to me? or was i going in the opposite direction? i heard you guys were dowtown. and no i don't think it is that bad at all. i think 99 percent of what is happening is in our heads. a mere reflection of the truth. like the moon reflecting light from the sun my mind thinks it is luminous but is really just reflecting from a source somewhere deep in space. i hope you two had a good day off and are ready to get back to werk. ttyl today maybe climbing. new problems... what is the unicorn actually fucking? another unicorn? rain clouds? a slutty horse? and why doesn't it just make love? maybe to a unicorn romance is obsolete.

at the end. it can't be all that bad. like sickness from any particular
surrounding: it could be just in my head.

like a fucking unicorn under thunder.

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